Product, Software and Service Design

Design products that fit user needs & market constraints for innovative and tech industry fields.

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Design Thinking*

The famous Design Thinking approach and process lets you establish with certainty the path that leads to the customers’ fit.

With your team and with our expertise to transmit and to apply it, we work together to develop the best possible and realistic outcome that fit users' tasks and needs. * Design Thinking: Design strategies involving enlarged team collaboration and user centric approaches to create values and market opportunities.



UX Design*

User eXperience Design is the major breakthrough from recent years as regards the design of products that succeed and build customer loyalty.

Let us apply its methods throughout the project inception process, with your team or as an external team, in order to harness the elements that lead to positive emotional design. * UX Design: Conception strategies involving real users (potential and/or actual) to ensure the best final usability of and interaction with the product.



Mix Marketing*

The feasibility of product development projects leans on Mix Marketing equation balancing.

Applying this approach alongside the design & development process guarantees to maintain the reality of product economics among all project team members. * Mix Marketing: Foundation of Marketing synthesized into the balance equation of the 4P’s for Product, Price, Promotion, Place.


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You can also call us now!
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You can also call us now!
+33 6 77 08 32 87


Globally, on a project or a part of it, choose 1 or more out of our 4 service modes, each including tools of Design Thinking, UX Design and Mix Marketing.
Surveys & Interviews

Surveys & Interviews

From massive surveys to selective interviews for usage & need discovery or testing, we work with your team to discover customers, markets, usages, needs and experience feedback to build the foundation of product fit, positive emotional user experience and a better team empathy for the public of the product.


Project framing

Project structuring

Structure projects or team practices with smart Design Thinking process and develop know-how, rapid development approaches and empathy guidance techniques to avoid losing focus and excess time spent on locating fitting market products.


In team

In team

For a specific project or globally, associate with our specialists to increase your potential, let your team members take benefit from Design Thinking, UX Design and Mix Marketing collaborative practices.




Develop your team skills by building a training plan together to improve your team know-how with the best successful practices of project guidance and operation, alongside a current project or more globally.



Arm your project, team and skills with the most powerful tools of successful design.
  • Audit frameworks
  • Monitoring techniques
  • Project framing methods
  • Collaborative approaches
  • Mix Marketing studies
  • BM* & BP* works
  • MVP* & Product cycling
  • Startup-ing tools
  • Interviews & Surveys
  • Empathy techniques
  • Usage & Experience Studies
  • User tests
  • Ideation* techniques
  • Concepts enlargement
  • Development Architecture
  • Un-biasing works
  • Modeling processes

* BM: Business Model — BP: Business Plan — MVP: Minimum Viable Product — Ideation: Idea generation

Industry sectors

We love technology and so our expertise is primarily along technical industry sectors.
We can give good advice in other industries, but not as fast and accurately as in the technical industry.
Technological Industry

Technological Industry

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Electrics
  • Hydraulics
  • Mechanics
  • Telecommunications
High-tech Industry

High-tech Industry

  • Aerospace
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biotechnology
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Nanotechnology
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Photonics
  • Robotics
  • Semiconductors
IT Industry

IT Industry

  • Communication manufacturing
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer manufacturing
  • Computer Science
  • Innovative Delivery Platform
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • SAAS (Software as a Service)
  • IT Security
  • Software Industry

Company types

Startups and well-established companies use very different approaches and resources to develop their ideas and projects.
Because we are familiar with both startups and major companies we can therefore size the project appropriately.



The Design Thinking philosophy associated with the Lean Startup approach is the best ever path carved by Startup experienced entrepreneurs.

Together we’ll give a definitive thrust to your new company and products to fit their future markets.

R&D Department

R&D Department

The UX Thinking techniques are definitely the most advanced methods to convert Engineering Ideas into amazing products that found their outlets and harmoniously met all internal needs like commercial and financial constraints.

Let’s build a project team for a new or a current project, and grow the global proficiencies.

Product Division

Product Division

Because the Product is still the basic requirement to succeed, Mix Marketing used simultaneously with Design techniques and approaches is the runway for every product project.

Take the opportunity to address the customer with the best end-to-end product & experience about your company.

« I always think that there are two products at the end of a programme; there is the physical product or the service, the thing that you have managed to make, and then there is all that you have learned. The power of what you have learned enables you to do the next thing and it enables you to do the next thing better. »

Jony Ive - Apple Design Chief

Case stories

Take a glance at some of our more representative works.
Note that we can’t communicate on all projects we worked for because of non-disclosure agreements.


Behind each of these company logos stand evolution periods during which we dealt with their stakeholders, aiming to achieve thrive and breakthrough for their well-established companies or startups struggling to survive.


Our team is built upon 2 main essential values: Like to pass their love of Design and Empathy techniques
plus the passion to learn and teach.
Luc-Olivier Lafeuille

Luc-Olivier Lafeuille

Chief Designer

Sylvie Gouédart

Sylvie Gouédart


Michel Dambrin

Michel Dambrin

Senior Project Manager

Marion Deneubourg

Marion Deneubourg

Tech assistant

Company history

Even though our individual stories start well before Asity was founded, our more than 15 years history (2003) is rich in breakthroughs and pivots.
  • 1Asity was founded in 2003 by two individuals with about 2 decades of experience. One has a background in design, including design thinking, product design, graphic design, web design, IT architecture and urbanism and the other one has a background in industrial security and quality insurance.
  • 2Until 2008, Asity operated mainly in IT Urbanism and Software Platforms design and development.
  • 3In 2009 we began a new product and service design period including all-in-one products made with hardware, software and service.
  • 4Beginning in 2010, “ The art of the start ” and “ Lean Startup ” drew a new period in our design approaches.
  • 5In 2011, the return to public surveying & marketing practices marked the foundation of our UX Design (User eXperience) approaches.
  • 6Technique developments around Mix Marketing allowed for an evolution of our Design skills on the CX aspects (Customer eXperience) of products and companies.
  • 7In 2016 we elaborated on our own technology and processes including tools to improve empathy, research, modeling, project framing and to train team members.

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